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iming Johnson's government would hand huge chunks of it to corporate bodies in the U.S..The Guardian in Lo▓ndon said Corbyn seemed to be getting the upper hand in the first half of the clash."His worst moment came when the audience laughed as he claimed his Brexit position was clear, but this did not seem quite as bad as Johnson's unco▓nvincing claims to be someone who keep▓s his promises," the Guardian noted.The Guardian commented that re

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gardless of the YouGov verdict, Labour won't be disappointed with Corbyn's▓ performance, while Johnson's ▓Conservatives would be entitled to be relieved,▓ "but certainly not overjoyed."Labour is trailing the Conservatives by a large mar▓gin in most opinion polls.Pressed by moderator Jul▓ie Etchingham, both leaders pro▓mised to improve the nature of debate if they become the prime minister after Dec. 12.Her question was prompted by compla▓int

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